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Expungement and Record Sealing
RecordGone.com now Serves Pennsylvania
RecordGone.com is now serving the state of Pennsylvania. Records that can be expunged in PA are certain summary offenses, and offenses that resulted in Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).

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RecordGone.com is the nation's leading expungement and record sealing law firm, serving the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Washington.


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RecordGone.com specializes in expungement and record sealing. Our law firm can expunge your record quicker and for a better price than other attorneys. RecordGone.com's attorneys are standing by to evaulate your case and help you clear your criminal past. Call the attorneys at RecordGone.com at 877-573-7273


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The attorneys at RecordGone.com have spotless disciplinary reports. Additonally, RecordGone.com is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an "A" rating. RecordGone offers expungement and record sealing for a much lower prices than other attorneys. RecordGone offers a money-back guarantee.